Uptime: 13h 27m
Players: 16
Client: 8.60 Custom
PORT: 7171
Server Save: 06:00 AM
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  • Laserturken
  • Reb 66
  • Incredible Sniper
  • Reb 61
  • Oberek
  • Reb 60
  • Incredible Nike
  • Reb 59
  • Ms Wiczkasle
  • Reb 58
  • Dinmor
  • Reb 56
  • Ozzy
  • Reb 53
  • Elder Chris
  • Reb 45
  • Ghorskey
  • Reb 43
  • Extremt Utseende
  • Reb 41


    1. Incredible Sniper 67
    2. Springisen 61
    3. Ms Wiczkasle 55
    4. Riley Reid 49
    5. Ali 46